Monthly Archives: January 2010

Multi-touch releases creativity in the coming years. Hint: Left hand!

Apple’s new iPad multi-touch mouse­less and keyboard­less computer, will make us all –if we use an iPad– more creative in the future: iPad entices far more use of the left hand than tradi­tional comput­ing does, and since the left hand/​arm is controlled by the right hemi­sphere of the brain, it forces the right side to […]

Why peace is not possible on this planet

War has prob­a­bly been around since apes became humans, perhaps even longer, but since I don’t think apes think of it as war, let’s stick to humans. Something that has been around as long as we have been around, can rightly be described as ‘part of our culture’. So to begin with, war is part of […]


Today marks the real start of this blog, but before I get the first subject off my chest (tomor­row, stay tuned), let me outline a little agenda of subjects I will “finnos­o­phize” about, so that you can decide now if there’s any reason for you to come back later. Also, don’t come back daily, there will be weeks […]