Monthly Archives: June 2010

E•Wall - the future of display virtualization

Every self-respec­t­ing science fiction movie includes a scene with a whole wall as a display. It can be one of the walls in the kitchen, an office wall used as a computer screen, an office corri­dor used as part of the inte­rior design or a build­ing façade used as a bill­board. UPDATE, Aug 6, 2011: E•Wall part II So walls will […]

Fuck FIFA!

Prostitution has been ille­gal in South Africa since the fifties, almost 60 years. The end of apartheid did not change that. President Nelson Mandela did not change that. HIV/​Aids spread preven­tion did not change that. FIFA did! So foot­ball fans from all over the world would not have to rape to get pussy between the matches, appar­ently… […]