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Thank 'God' we're not the center of the universe; we would all be dead!

Religion wants wo/​man to believe that s/​he is the center of creation and the center of the universe. Thankfully, this is completely wrong! Wrong, because we know now with the help of scien­tific progress since Galileo Galilei, that the universe is vast, expand­ing and we are not at its center. Thankfully, because of the effects […]

It's the population, stupid!

The Worlds Largest Pyramid Scheme (also known as ‘The World Economy’) is approach­ing its endgame. Since The Wealth of Nations, economic theory has had a great run, peak­ing during the 20th century and morph­ing from describ­ing the show, into becom­ing the show itself. Even return­ing economic crises have not managed to shake its repu­ta­tion, because it […]