Black holes: The brightest spots ever!

It’s time to clear up some wide­spread misun­der­stand­ings about black holes:
-they are not worm­holes or portals to other locations/​dimensions/​universes out there
-you cannot enter a black hole (with­out expe­ri­enc­ing instant death)
-infor­ma­tion is not lost (forever)
-and most impor­tantly — they don’t disap­pear through Hawking radi­a­tion (except in the literal sense).

When a star dies, it grows, then some collapse (implode) into a small, very dense star residue with grav­i­ta­tional force so strong that not even light is fast enough to escape this star residue. Everything the star was is still there, only very compressed and reor­ga­nized due to the implo­sion, but because light no longer can escape this star residue, we have no knowl­edge of what it looks like or how it now works.

Enter crazy theo­ries.

The two first claims (worm­holes, enter­ing) should be self explana­tory, at least after reread­ing the para­graph begin­ning with “When a star dies…”.

Worth explain­ing are the two last claims (infor­ma­tion, disap­pear­ance), and it’s the same answer:

As a black hole shrinks through Hawking radi­a­tion, after enough time, the black whole will stop being a black hole but it will not disap­pear. Quite the contrary: As the grav­i­ta­tional force of the black hole finally falls below the thresh­old of the speed of light, all light and energy in the the black whole will run for the door and become visi­ble; the black hole ceases to be a black (invis­i­ble) hole and becomes visi­ble as the bright­est spot in its neigh­bor­hood as all the star residue shines again from a very small spot (with extreme rela­tive bright­ness).

But only for a very short blink.

Then the whole thing will explode into an enor­mous (big, if you will) bang! When all the light, energy and matter in the black hole is no longer held back by grav­i­ta­tion, it will expand so rapidly that it will mimic the creation of the universe. Our universe’s birth is prob­a­bly a gigan­tic black hole explod­ing as described above.

And all the infor­ma­tion “hidden” in the former black hole, is now avail­able again.


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