Black holes: The brightest spots ever!

It’s time to clear up some widespread misunderstandings about black holes:
-they are not wormholes or portals to other locations/dimensions/universes out there
-you cannot enter a black hole (without experiencing instant death)
-information is not lost (forever)
-and most importantly – they don’t disappear through Hawking radiation (except in the literal sense).

When a star dies, it grows, then some collapse (implode) into a small, very dense star residue with gravitational force so strong that not even light is fast enough to escape this star residue. Everything the star was is still there, only very compressed and reorganized due to the implosion, but because light no longer can escape this star residue, we have no knowledge of what it looks like or how it now works.

Enter crazy theories.

The two first claims (wormholes, entering) should be self explanatory, at least after rereading the paragraph beginning with “When a star dies…”.

Worth explaining are the two last claims (information, disappearance), and it’s the same answer:

As a black hole shrinks through Hawking radiation,  after enough time, the black whole will stop being a black hole but it will not disappear. Quite the contrary: As the gravitational force of the black hole finally falls below the threshold of the speed of light, all light and energy in the the black whole will run for the door and become visible; the black hole ceases to be a black (invisible) hole and becomes visible as the brightest spot in its neighborhood as all the star residue shines again from a very small spot (with extreme relative brightness).

But only for a very short blink.

Then the whole thing will explode into an enormous (big, if you will) bang! When all the light, energy and matter in the black hole is no longer held back by gravitation, it will expand so rapidly that it will mimic the creation of the universe. Our universe’s birth is probably a gigantic black hole exploding as described above.

And all the information “hidden” in the former black hole, is now available again.

Remember, you heard it here first!





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