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Thank 'God' we're not the center of the universe; we would all be dead!

Religion wants wo/​man to believe that s/​he is the center of creation and the center of the universe. Thankfully, this is completely wrong! Wrong, because we know now with the help of scien­tific progress since Galileo Galilei, that the universe is vast, expand­ing and we are not at its center. Thankfully, because of the effects […]

Beware what you teach your children - they may learn it!

A carton of milk is passed around the break­fast table, and as one of the chil­dren in the family mind­lessly grips the carton, the father of the house inten­tion­ally drops it a millisec­ond before the child gets a good grip. The result­ing spill, scold­ing, clean­ing up and what-have-you, was intended by the father as a learn­ing expe­ri­ence for […]