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The Delusional Catholic Cult

Fans of the former Pope, John Paul II, are working hard these days in order to have him sainted. Among other requirements, two witnessed ‘miracles’ are necessary for this to be achieved and the Catholic church, apparently, does not take this process lightly; being sainted is the utmost accomplishment within this cult. One ‘miracle’ is […]

Thank ‘God’ we’re not the center of the universe; we would all be dead!

Religion wants wo/man to believe that s/he is the center of creation and the center of the universe. Thankfully, this is completely wrong! Wrong, because we know now with the help of scientific progress since Galileo Galilei, that the universe is vast, expanding and we are not at its center. Thankfully, because of the effects […]

Is man God-made or is god man-made?

This post is mostly a commentary to a friend’s post at the Huffington Post: Beware Secular Fundamentalism, by Ed Gurowitz, Ph.D. I wanted to comment on the post, but realized I had too much to say to shoehorn it into a comment field, hence this post. Ed has made an enormous contribution to my life […]

Towards peace – Step 3 – Reset the clock

The saying ‘Be careful what you wish for, it may come true’ is based on two assumptions: 1) the process of repeating to yourself over and over until it becomes a mantra you subconsciously perform, very often manifests the desired outcome 2) the process is so powerful, make sure you really want whatever you want, […]

Towards peace – Step 1 – Death & taxes

The meltdown of the disaster that is the Catholic Church, makes this argument almost complacent, but evil is hard to rid the world of, so let me add to this ‘idea who’s time has come’: Dismantling the delusions (Islam’s 72 virgins, Scientology’s Xenu), uncover all the child abuse (spread all over the world) and expose […]

The closest humanity can come to peace

In the post “Why peace is impossible on this planet“, I conclude that striving for peace (what all peace organizations around the world are doing) is the best we can do, which I stand by. However, there are two major contributors to war that can be diminished, after which the striving will be a lot […]

Science’s Greatest Challenge

There was a lot of stuff going on in the life of Stone Age wo/man that s/he couldn’t explain. For instance, where they themselves came from originally and where they went when they stopped living. So what do you do when you have no clue, and have to say something to your offspring when they […]