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E•Wall - part III

When I wrote about my idea of the ‘E•Wall’ two years ago (here and here), I was sure it would become a real­ity although not from Corning, and not this fast (concep­tu­ally, that is). But here goes Corning again, even better than the first: A Day Made of Glass 2. Enjoy! /​Finno

E•Wall - part II

That was quick… Hadn’t really expected it from Corning, but hey, I’ll have one! (and they do take design cues from Apple: see E•Wall — the future of…) See the future here: A Day Made of Glass… /​Finno

E•Wall - the future of display virtualization

Every self-respec­t­ing science fiction movie includes a scene with a whole wall as a display. It can be one of the walls in the kitchen, an office wall used as a computer screen, an office corri­dor used as part of the inte­rior design or a build­ing façade used as a bill­board. UPDATE, Aug 6, 2011: E•Wall part II So walls will […]

Towards peace - Step 2 - New energy

We all know the US would never have cared some much for what’s going on the middle east, where it not for the oil reserves it sits on. Yet we (most of us) quietly accept the US and it’s allies waging war in the region for the sake of control over oil. But the US […]

The closest humanity can come to peace

In the post “Why peace is impos­si­ble on this planet”, I conclude that striv­ing for peace (what all peace orga­ni­za­tions around the world are doing) is the best we can do, which I stand by. However, there are two major contrib­u­tors to war that can be dimin­ished, after which the striv­ing will be a lot easier (no, war […]

Multi-touch releases creativity in the coming years. Hint: Left hand!

Apple’s new iPad multi-touch mouse­less and keyboard­less computer, will make us all –if we use an iPad– more creative in the future: iPad entices far more use of the left hand than tradi­tional comput­ing does, and since the left hand/​arm is controlled by the right hemi­sphere of the brain, it forces the right side to […]