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E•Wall - part III

When I wrote about my idea of the ‘E•Wall’ two years ago (here and here), I was sure it would become a real­ity although not from Corning, and not this fast (concep­tu­ally, that is). But here goes Corning again, even better than the first: A Day Made of Glass 2. Enjoy! /​Finno

Slow season

Dear reader, I have wres­tled with a muscle inflam­ma­tion the past three weeks. This has sucked all my energy for writ­ing, unfor­tu­nately. Drafts have lined up, though. Will post again soon, stay tuned… /​Finno


Today marks the real start of this blog, but before I get the first subject off my chest (tomor­row, stay tuned), let me outline a little agenda of subjects I will “finnos­o­phize” about, so that you can decide now if there’s any reason for you to come back later. Also, don’t come back daily, there will be weeks […]