The closest humanity can come to peace

In the post “Why peace is impos­si­ble on this planet”, I conclude that striv­ing for peace (what all peace orga­ni­za­tions around the world are doing) is the best we can do, which I stand by.

However, there are two major contrib­u­tors to war that can be dimin­ished, after which the striv­ing will be a lot easier (no, war still won’t disap­pear from the face of the earth).

These are
1) Organized reli­gion
2) Energy scarcity

Each one of these are, of course, enor­mous chal­lenges for human­ity; orga­nized reli­gion because it has entered our culture so deeply that billions of people actu­ally believe the myths, and energy scarcity because we are nowhere near real­iza­tion of a renew­able (and CO2 neutral) energy source at a large enough scale and a compet­i­tive price.

Energy scarcity is not my table, but hope­fully enough bril­liant engi­neers around the world are hard at work as we speak, getting us there within a few decades.

Organized reli­gion should be tack­led this way: A bus enters a tunnel, but being one inch to tall it gets stuck. Engineers stand around scratch­ing their heads for an advanced solu­tion when a kid walks by saying: “Let some air out of the tires, and it will be an inch lower so it can be pulled out.”

There is no way we can “fight” orga­nized reli­gion into obliv­ion (advanced solu­tion), we need a simple way of starv­ing it… See sepa­rate post in a short while (will link to the post when it’s up).



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