The closest humanity can come to peace

In the post “Why peace is impossible on this planet“, I conclude that striving for peace (what all peace organizations around the world are doing) is the best we can do, which I stand by.

However, there are two major contributors to war that can be diminished, after which the striving will be a lot easier (no, war still won’t disappear from the face of the earth).

These are
1) Organized religion
2) Energy scarcity

Each one of these are, of course, enormous challenges for humanity; organized religion because it has entered our culture so deeply that billions of people actually believe the myths, and energy scarcity because we are nowhere near realization of a renewable (and CO2 neutral) energy source at a large enough scale and a competitive price.

Energy scarcity is not my table, but hopefully enough brilliant engineers around the world are hard at work as we speak, getting us there within a few decades.

Organized religion should be tackled this way: A bus enters a tunnel, but being one inch to tall it gets stuck. Engineers stand around scratching their heads for an advanced solution when a kid walks by saying: “Let some air out of the tires, and it will be an inch lower so it can be pulled out.”

There is no way we can “fight” organized religion into oblivion (advanced solution), we need a simple way of starving it… See separate post in a short while (will link to the post when it’s up).



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