The Delusional Catholic Cult

Fans of the former Pope, John Paul II, are working hard these days in order to have him sainted.

Among other requirements, two witnessed ‘miracles’ are necessary for this to be achieved and the Catholic church, apparently, does not take this process lightly; being sainted is the utmost accomplishment within this cult.

One ‘miracle’ is already accepted.

French nun Marie Simon-Pierre was curred from incurable Parkinson’s disease. She claims all her symptoms ‘miraculously’ disappeared in 2005 after the whole order prayed for her while she wrote the Pope’s name on a piece of paper, and woke up next day ‘miraculously’ curred.

This, and this alone, is accepted as evidence of a ‘miracle’ (acts otherwise only performed by God).

So for sure, there are no ‘miracles’: The Catholic Cult just declares some wacky story as true. It does no fact checking, like, oh I don’t know, reading the nun’s medical journals or speaking to her doctor, perhaps?

Within cults, ‘miracles’ are declarations disguised as truth (see thruthiness).

Which is fine as cults go: When I was young I was part of this occult club for many years where we believed magical stuff to be true, but then I turned eight. This cult has more than one billion members, and most of them are supposed to be grown up. This ought not to be legal, just as Scientology is illegal in Germany.

If you wonder how Christianity started out, look at Scientology today: A small group of raving mad people believe an intergalactic war lord from somewhere in our galaxy visited our planet 75 million years ago.

Give it a couple thousand years to evolve, guided by unprecedented use of force, violence and suppression against ordinary people (enemies of the cult are treated much harsher) and you have the next global cult.

Reason, independent thinking, scientific evidence and trusting one’s own judgement are enemies of these cults, just look at some of the candidates for the second ‘miracle’ by Pope John Paul II:

– A fellow named Jarker ended up in a coma after an accident, and ‘miraculously’ woke up after the Pope touched a photograph of him.

– One of the Pope’s body guards, who threw himself in front of the Pope when he was shot at in 1981, was not wearing a bullet proof vest. Yeah, that’s it: He wasn’t hit and ‘miraculously’ survived the incident… Could the hitman just have missed him? Or did God ‘miraculously’ save this guy by having the bullet pass him, and rather hit the Pope?

Show me just one human being with an amputated limb growing out again after a ‘miracle’ occurred, and I will listen.

Accepting these stories as evidence of ‘miracles’, though, equals seeing the emperor’s new clothes – it’s delusional.


(For the record: I don’t mock what the bodyguard did, which in my eyes actually is worthy of sainthood.)


  • Sergio wrote:

    I agree Finno but the Catholic cult is loosing power and relevance every day. On the other hand, there seems to be a growing concerted and organized effort in the US and perhaps elsewhere by corporatists to reduce education, increase corporate control of news channels including the internet, and to move educational funds to fundamentalist Christian churches. Much damage has already been caused here. This is much more serious than these sexually repressed, pedophiles (or protectors of pedophiles) who like to wear dresses and funny hats. The corporatists like cults. The more bizarre things people are convinced to believe, the more bizarre national policies can be sold to people. I think it is that these people surrender to the principal of faith that makes them so malleable for the propagandists.

  • Hi Sergio,

    I think you’re right. What I don’t get is where science and common sense dropped the ball.
    I didn’t know that Obama had released his “short-form” birth certificate and couldn’t believe that all the birther BS was in spite of an actual birth certificate, talk about morons.

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