Fuck FIFA!

Prostitution has been ille­gal in South Africa since the fifties, almost 60 years.

The end of apartheid did not change that. President Nelson Mandela did not change that. HIV/​Aids spread preven­tion did not change that.

FIFA did!

So foot­ball fans from all over the world would not have to rape to get pussy between the matches, appar­ently…

FIFA must be the most amoral orga­ni­za­tion since the Catholic Church. And it doesn’t get more cyni­cal than that.

Where in the code of ethics does ‘screw­ing’ already beaten women appear?

Or treat­ing black people (forced away from their homes due to the cham­pi­onship) like its apartheid-time all over again?

This seems to be about anything but the ideals of foot­ball, and money is my guess.

For the record, I have no moral view on pros­ti­tu­tion as such.


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  • FIFA has be one of the largest corrupt organ­i­sa­tions in the world. People have had enough. In Brazil pensioner get 50% off all tick­ets to foot­ball games. At the moment FIFA is trying to remove this for the world cup games!!! Pricks

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