Fuck FIFA!

Prostitution has been illegal in South Africa since the fifties, almost 60 years.

The end of apartheid did not change that. President Nelson Mandela did not change that. HIV/Aids spread prevention did not change that.

FIFA did!

So football fans from all over the world would not have to rape to get pussy between the matches, apparently…

FIFA must be the most amoral organization since the Catholic Church. And it doesn’t get  more cynical than that.

Where in the code of ethics does ‘screwing’ already beaten women appear?

Or treating black people (forced away from their homes due to the championship) like its apartheid-time all over again?

This seems to be about anything but the ideals of football, and money is my guess.

For the record, I have no moral view on prostitution as such.


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  • FIFA has be one of the largest corrupt organisations in the world. People have had enough. In Brazil pensioner get 50% off all tickets to football games. At the moment FIFA is trying to remove this for the world cup games!!! Pricks

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