Multi-touch releases creativity in the coming years. Hint: Left hand!

Apple’s new iPad multi-touch mouse­less and keyboard­less computer, will make us all –if we use an iPad– more creative in the future:

iPad entices far more use of the left hand than tradi­tional comput­ing does, and since the left hand/​arm is controlled by the right hemi­sphere of the brain, it forces the right side to work harder, grow and develop new skills, and gener­ally kick in more often. I think we can safely assume that after a while using the iPad you will be smarter, more creative, more artis­tic, more roman­tic, more emotional and more balanced.

In short, you wanna get laid more? Get an iPad!


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  • Alot of blog­gers not really pleased with the new iPad.There was too much hype over it and alot people got disa​pointed​.You see, I for one see great deal of the cool poten­tial of the gadget. Third-party apps for compos­ing tunes, games, newsprints and maga­zines and books, tons of awesome stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it prop­erly (aside from the books). It looks kind of incom­plete

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