Towards peace – Step 1 – Death & taxes

The meltdown of the disaster that is the Catholic Church, makes this argument almost complacent, but evil is hard to rid the world of, so let me add to this ‘idea who’s time has come’: Dismantling the delusions (Islam’s 72 virgins, Scientology’s Xenu), uncover all the child abuse (spread all over the world) and expose the downright evil (Pope Benedict and his aids v. condoms campaign) of organized religion, thereby freeing people of mind control for the future.

Imagine for a moment a global corporation whose CEO tries to cover up sexual abuse of minors “in the name of all the good products the organization brings to the market, and all the good those products do for the people buying them.

This person would be crucified (pardon the pun) by the media and would loose the job long before the case went to court.

Imagine all the VPs of this corporation now attacking the media for uncovering the truth about the corporation and its CEO, again despite the evil done, promoting the good side of the organizations work.

Religious leaders around the world would be the first to condemn this organization and its executives. The pope would cry out about moral decay and the nasty aspects of the modern society.

The solution
All that’s needed to take control over the situation, is to lift the tax exempt status of religious organizations: Let every organized religion be scrutinized like any other organization in society, and have auditors review every transaction made, financially, legally and personnel-wise; then stand back and watch as the transparency makes religions’ power over individuals disappear like trolls in sunlight.

Let them continue their work, but in full daylight without the secrecy and cult like practices. And make promises about rewards in the afterlife illegal.

Anything left to itself without checks and balances will grow into faceless tyrannies that becomes “the way it is” and finally part of–or indistinguishable from–our culture.

These organizations already claim to know death; now let them know taxes.

That’s all that’s needed, problem solved. The rest is aftermath. Of course millennia of indoctrination will not disappear over night, but we need not do any more–just let time take its course.


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