Towards peace - Step 2 - New energy

We all know the US would never have cared some much for what’s going on the middle east, where it not for the oil reserves it sits on.
Yet we (most of us) quietly accept the US and it’s allies waging war in the region for the sake of control over oil.

But the US are not alone in exer­cis­ing control over energy sources. Vladimir Putin uses the valves of the Russian gas pipes to straighten out former Soviet Union members, like Ukraine, and several former East block coun­tries are uneasy with this fact.

And what would Hugo Chavez be on the world scene with­out oil? This goes for the members of the Saudi royal family as well, and the answer is: Not much.

So an impor­tant step towards peace on this planet, will be to actu­al­ize an energy source that
1) no man/​organization/​state controls
2) is renew­able,
3) does not create harm­ful waste when used.

No small chal­lenge, of course, yet neces­sary to for a future with­out todays conflicts.



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