Towards peace – Step 3 – Reset the clock

The saying ‘Be careful what you wish for, it may come true’ is based on two assumptions:
1) the process of repeating to yourself over and over until it becomes a mantra you subconsciously perform, very often manifests the desired outcome
2) the process is so powerful, make sure you really want whatever you want, otherwise you will get stuck with something not so funny…

When Jesus said to his disciples “Again I say onto you…” he probably understood the power of this: indoctrinating them, in order for them to get to where he was in his development process (I say development process because I believe he was a great teacher, not the son of God).

So anything we say (or do) again and again and again will manifest itself in some way or another; as a good or bad habit, as a physical object due to this single-mindedness, or as an achievement like reaching a goal or something else.

So any phrase we re-speak or any action we redo over and over again, will manifest a certain truth in our lives and thus become “the way it is”.

Now, there is one thing almost everybody in the whole world—no matter how religious they are or not—keep repeating (or re-manifesting, if you will) which gives the Catholic church an almost unbelievable power over at least the western civilization.

It makes everything that happens or have ever happened on this planet, have a direct relation to the Catholic church, and none of us (including atheists, naturalists, brights…) can escape this phenomenon as it literally runs our daily lives: Anno Domini and the rest of our calendar system.

Anything that has ever happened on this planet is automatically related to the Catholic church’s supreme being: did it happen before (BC) or after (AD, Anno Domini) Jesus Christ was born?

Every date you are on, every appointment you make with someone, every plan you create for your future and every thought you have about time repeat in your mind the birth of Jesus Christ…

So no matter how ‘naturalistic’ you look upon our world or whatever you believe (or not), everything is encapsulated within the context of Jesus Christ/the Catholic church.

Year Zero is Ground Zero of our civilization.

The incredible irony• of this situation, is that all adjustments done to the Julian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII (thus making it the Gregorian calendar we live by today) was based on naturalism and science: it was careful calculations based on observations of the visible universe that led to Pope Gregorius’ changes of the calendar, so it would fit better to annual Catholic rituals (Easter etc). I say it again and again—talk about irony!

Since 1582, this is now so interweaved into our fabric of culture, that nobody questions the validity of measuring everything in relation to the birth of Jesus Christ (except me of course… and I cannot be alone, or so I hope).

So in order to really rid the world of the power of organized religion (which I claim are one of the two major obstacles to peace on this planet), we need to reset our whole time measurement system; we need a new calendar system with a new Year Zero, one based on a year that resonates with a naturalistic phenomenon or humanistic event of significance on this planet, as opposed to the superstitious myths we hang it on today.

However, changing Year Zero isn’t enough, that would just be ‘same shit/new rapping’, which would lead to converting everything back to the old Year Zero.

When we look at our calendar, we find that most of it is based on what’s visible in nature: years, seasons, months (moon), and days.

Weeks and hours, however, are based on superstition regarding the numbers seven and twelve: God created the world in seven days, and twelve disciples and twelve holy planetary objects can explain our clock (yeah, I know• we are missing a heavenly object or two, but still there are myths of 12 planets/objects).

By creating a time measurement system that breaks cleanly with the religious/superstitious systems of the past, we are again moving one step closer to a more peaceful world.

That was easier said than done, and I don’t have all the answers for how the new calendar system should look, which epic naturalistic phenomenon or humanistic event we should start counting from, and what we should emphasize in the new system.

I will finnosophize about this calendar system soon, however…



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