Towards peace - Step 3 - Reset the clock

The saying ‘Be care­ful what you wish for, it may come true’ is based on two assump­tions:
1) the process of repeat­ing to your­self over and over until it becomes a mantra you subcon­sciously perform, very often mani­fests the desired outcome
2) the process is so power­ful, make sure you really want what­ever you want, other­wise you will get stuck with some­thing not so funny…

When Jesus said to his disci­ples “Again I say onto you…” he prob­a­bly under­stood the power of this: indoc­tri­nat­ing them, in order for them to get to where he was in his devel­op­ment process (I say devel­op­ment process because I believe he was a great teacher, not the son of God).

So anything we say (or do) again and again and again will mani­fest itself in some way or another; as a good or bad habit, as a phys­i­cal object due to this single-mind­ed­ness, or as an achieve­ment like reach­ing a goal or some­thing else.

So any phrase we re-speak or any action we redo over and over again, will mani­fest a certain truth in our lives and thus become “the way it is”.

Now, there is one thing almost every­body in the whole world—no matter how reli­gious they are or not—keep repeat­ing (or re-mani­fest­ing, if you will) which gives the Catholic church an almost unbe­liev­able power over at least the west­ern civi­liza­tion.

It makes every­thing that happens or have ever happened on this planet, have a direct rela­tion to the Catholic church, and none of us (includ­ing athe­ists, natu­ral­ists, brights…) can escape this phenom­e­non as it liter­ally runs our daily lives: Anno Domini and the rest of our calen­dar system.

Anything that has ever happened on this planet is auto­mat­i­cally related to the Catholic church’s supreme being: did it happen before (BC) or after (AD, Anno Domini) Jesus Christ was born?

Every date you are on, every appoint­ment you make with some­one, every plan you create for your future and every thought you have about time repeat in your mind the birth of Jesus Christ…

So no matter how ‘natu­ral­is­tic’ you look upon our world or what­ever you believe (or not), every­thing is encap­su­lated within the context of Jesus Christ/​the Catholic church.

Year Zero is Ground Zero of our civi­liza­tion.

The incred­i­ble irony• of this situ­a­tion, is that all adjust­ments done to the Julian calen­dar by Pope Gregory XIII (thus making it the Gregorian calen­dar we live by today) was based on natu­ral­ism and science: it was care­ful calcu­la­tions based on obser­va­tions of the visi­ble universe that led to Pope Gregorius’ changes of the calen­dar, so it would fit better to annual Catholic ritu­als (Easter etc). I say it again and again—talk about irony!

Since 1582, this is now so inter­weaved into our fabric of culture, that nobody ques­tions the valid­ity of measur­ing every­thing in rela­tion to the birth of Jesus Christ (except me of course… and I cannot be alone, or so I hope).

So in order to really rid the world of the power of orga­nized reli­gion (which I claim are one of the two major obsta­cles to peace on this planet), we need to reset our whole time measure­ment system; we need a new calen­dar system with a new Year Zero, one based on a year that resonates with a natu­ral­is­tic phenom­e­non or human­is­tic event of signif­i­cance on this planet, as opposed to the super­sti­tious myths we hang it on today.

However, chang­ing Year Zero isn’t enough, that would just be ‘same shit/​new rapping’, which would lead to convert­ing every­thing back to the old Year Zero.

When we look at our calen­dar, we find that most of it is based on what’s visi­ble in nature: years, seasons, months (moon), and days.

Weeks and hours, however, are based on super­sti­tion regard­ing the numbers seven and twelve: God created the world in seven days, and twelve disci­ples and twelve holy plan­e­tary objects can explain our clock (yeah, I know• we are miss­ing a heav­enly object or two, but still there are myths of 12 planets/​objects).

By creat­ing a time measure­ment system that breaks cleanly with the religious/​superstitious systems of the past, we are again moving one step closer to a more peace­ful world.

That was easier said than done, and I don’t have all the answers for how the new calen­dar system should look, which epic natu­ral­is­tic phenom­e­non or human­is­tic event we should start count­ing from, and what we should empha­size in the new system.

I will finnos­o­phize about this calen­dar system soon, however…



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